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Features And Applications Of Solvent Dyes

Posted by Admin on April, 13, 2021

The world of dyes and pigments are big, and countless colour variants meet the needs of diverse industry and trade. Acid dyes, core dyes, dyes of solvent, lake colours, pigments are just a few names of the large ocean of colours supplied by black solvent dyes suppliers.

What Is A Solvent Dye?

Black solvent dyes in Mumbai is a colouring solution that is soluble in plastics or organic solvents. The dyeing process takes place in a solution when combined with an organic solvent. The dyeing process does not require ionization, as with acid dyes, since solvent dyes have a very small polarity or none at all. Solvent dyes are typically insoluble in water. Petrol is a frequently used organic solvent with non-polar solvent dyes.

A standardized pattern is followed when naming solvent dyes. The first word in the design is always 'solvent,' followed by the colour and a number. For example, different colours, such as 'Solvent Red 49' and 'Solvent Red 1' and 'Solvent Red 24,' are separated by a separate number of shades. The Pigment Red 48, an azo derived from naphthalene, is also an indicator of the shade of red in another form of colour.


Solvent dyes supplied by the wholesale black solvent dyes supplier are very flexible and can be used in many applications. One of their most popular uses is to paint gasoline and other lubricants in the automotive industry. Various non-polar hydrocarbon materials are coloured with the help of solvent dyes such as wax and candles, laminations and wood stains. They mark inkjet ink, ink and glass colouring in the printing industry. The media industry is accompanied by printing, where solvent dyes are used in journals and magazines.

Dyeing plastics would be another application that, due to its chemical compatibility, uses solvent dyes. A wide range of solid materials such as nylon, acetate, polyester, PVC, acrylics, PETP, PMMA, styrene monomers and polystyrene are coloured in the plastics industry. They are more and more used in pyrotechnics for smoke signals. Its application in science and medical diagnostics must be listed. The solvent dye is used here to create stains to help identify different components in a cell structure.

Features of Solvent Dyes:

  • Solvent Dyes are insoluble in water.
  • The dyes are nonpolar or small polar solvent molecules.
  • There is no ionization in them.
  • It constitutes an unprecedented solution.
  • Solvent dyes possess poor to a good speed.
  • Azo dyes are red and purple, while anthraquinone dyes are typically green and blue.
  • During production, they do not generate discrete films or residues.
  • Their good ability to dissolve into organic solvents improves colour continuity with efficiency.
  • Due to granular redistribution, it is solvable in non-polar solutions.
  • Solvent dyes comprise spirits, fats, waxes, hydrocarbons, oils etc.

Advantages of Solvent Dyes:

  • Colour shades and consistency are compatible with the solvent dyes.
  • It has a higher light speed, which ensures it can tolerate colour when exposed to sun and light.
  • After large storage, there is no precipitation.
  • It is a major migration resistance.
  • At extreme temperatures, it is more resistant to corrosion and thus provides a high thermal level.
  • The plastics are strongly dissolved and melt at a suitable temperature, which results in superior colour output when the colour shade changes.
  • In current surface colouring, solvent dyes are still commonly used even if the surface is harmed.

Final Words

Solvent dyes supplied by black solvent dyes suppliers have a variety of benefits, which have contributed to their widely used use in different applications. Colour shading durability, superior light speed, migration resistance, strong heat stability, extremely plastic dissolvable and a lack of precipitation even after extensive storage is to mention only a few of their top characteristics.

However, it is extremely necessary to obtain solvent dyes from reputable producers of solvent dyes. This ensures the consistency and efficiency of the product used in the application. The names are easily obtained via the online yellow pages and there are many reputed manufacturers of those dyes.

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